Co To island medical staff overcame difficulties to save patients in the middle of the ocean

Despite being far from the mainland and facing many difficulties and hardships, with dedication and a spirit of love for their profession, the doctors and nurses on Co To island (Quang Ninh province) are still doing a good job of care day and night. health for people on the island.
Difficulty at the head of the wind and waves

32 nautical miles from the mainland, Co To district is currently the furthest district-level unit from the mainland in Quang Ninh province. In previous years, the facilities and equipment were still limited, so accessing medical support , care, and health protection for the island district’s people was still difficult. However, now things have gradually changed.

Doctor Nguyen Thanh Giang, Director of Co To District Health Center excitedly shared: “Thanks to the attention and investment of Quang Ninh province, Co To District Health Center has been invested in construction, upgraded and expanded since 2017 and officially Put into use since November 2019 with a total newly built floor area of ​​nearly 5,000 m2. Recently, the Center has also been invested in modern medical equipment such as: Computerized tomography system, Digital X-ray, endoscopy, 4D ultrasound machine. In particular, in March 2023, the center deployed high-pressure oxygen technology to coordinate the treatment of diseases such as stroke, headache, insomnia, and heart disease. vascular, cerebral infarction, vestibular…, gradually improving the quality of medical examination and treatment and health care for the people of the island district. For serious cases, which exceed the center’s professional capacity, patients are transferred. However, moving to the mainland for serious and emergency cases is not always convenient because the center is located in the middle of the ocean.

Doctor CK1 Nguyen Thanh Giang shared: The medical center also has a boat for transporting emergency patients to the mainland, but for many years it has not been able to operate because it does not meet registration requirements. In times of emergency, the Center arranges motorboats or highways to transport patients to the mainland for timely treatment. However, this boat can only withstand winds of level 4 and 5, anything higher will not ensure safety. On days of rough seas and big waves, the emergency work of bringing sick people to the mainland by ship is extremely difficult and dangerous. Therefore, for serious cases that cannot be transferred to the mainland, the Center will conduct remote consultations via the Telemedicine system with leading doctors and experts at other hospitals. Thanks to that, emergency and treatment are also more convenient and patients do not have to move.

There are still concerns

As noted by a reporter from the Health and Life Newspaper, with spacious facilities and synchronous modern medical equipment, Co To Health Center has deployed most of the techniques according to different levels and achieved success. Some techniques of higher levels have basically met the people’s medical examination and treatment needs. However, the center’s biggest difficulty today is still the problem of lack of human resources, while the need for medical examination and treatment of the people here is increasing.

According to the report of Co To District Health Center, currently the total number of labor officials and employees is 55 people (10 doctors) with 7 departments and divisions. To ensure the unit’s medical examination and treatment, many doctors at the Center are forced to take on many jobs. Many doctors, due to objective factors, have moved to the mainland, so the Center is always in a shortage of doctors.

Faced with that situation, the Center asked major hospitals in the province to support more people from the Obstetrics and Pediatrics Hospital to work on a rotation basis and instruct difficult techniques for the unit’s medical team. In addition to “hands-on” training, many Center staff have gone to major hospitals to improve their skills, especially in some endoscopic techniques.

In addition, the Center also strengthens training, coaching, scientific research, hospital management and health economic management, nursing and patient care, and infection control. … to consolidate and maintain effective operations.

Ensuring people’s health

According to Dr. Nguyen Thanh Giang – Director of Co To District Health Center, although the number of people on the island is not much (about 6,000 people), there must still be enough specialties to serve and ensure health care and medical examination for the people. on the island district.

Up to now, the district medical center has sent many doctors and technicians to participate in short-term and long-term training courses according to the needs of the unit with difficult techniques, to ensure human resources with sufficient professional qualifications. , meeting people’s medical examination and treatment needs.

The Center also arranges many rounds of medical staff to attend training courses and improve their duties to deploy new techniques. Since the beginning of 2023, the unit has successfully implemented the high-pressure oxygen technique, this is the first new technique deployed to make it convenient for people on the island to treat some diseases without having to go to the mainland.

In addition, the unit also strengthens the implementation of activities to prevent and control non-communicable diseases, health care for the elderly, and school health.

Talking about future plans, Dr. Giang shared: “The center will continue to maintain medical examination and treatment activities, consolidate surgical activities, aiming for a highly professional working environment, in which the satisfaction of patients and their relatives is given top priority. At the same time, ensuring autonomy, improving income for officials and employees, creating motivation for doctors and nurses to strive force in work”.

Up to now, thanks to the right direction and synchronous investment along with the efforts, efforts and enthusiasm of doctors in developing new techniques, Co To district Health Center has been gradually improving. Doctors on the island have created trust in the hearts of islanders and fishermen in surrounding areas, ensuring that patients do not have to travel far for examination and treatment.

Co To District Medical Center was established under Decision No. 2263/QD-UB, dated November 15, 1994 of the People’s Committee of Quang Ninh province, directly under the Department of Health of Quang Ninh. This is a multi-functional medical unit of class III at district level.

In 2017, Co To District Health Center was invested in construction, upgrading and expansion, including: 01 3-storey building; 03 2-storey buildings; 03 1-storey buildings.

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