New information about the health of 30 students suspected of poisoning from drinking soft drinks sold at the school gate

Currently, the bottles of soft drinks the students drank before the poisoning that led to hospitalization are being checked for quality and origin verified.

Talking to reporters from Health & Life Newspaper on the evening of September 25, Mr. Hoang Van Cuong, Vice Chairman of Bao Lac District People’s Committee (Cao Bang Province) confirmed the information that 30 students in the area had to be hospitalized due to drinking. soft drinks of unknown origin, including some children with severe symptoms who had to be transferred from the Commune Health Station to the District Health Center for monitoring and treatment.

Accordingly, on the evening of September 21, Coc Pang Commune Health Station received 8 students from Ethnic Boarding High School and Coc Pang Middle School with poisoning symptoms such as: Headache, stomachache, sadness. vomiting, diarrhea.

According to these students, before that they went outside the school gate to buy soft drinks packaged in 245 ml bottles, of unknown origin, with foreign labels on the labels. 20 minutes after drinking the above water, the children all showed signs of poisoning.

Notably, on the morning of September 22, another group of 22 students went out to buy the same soft drink to drink and had the same symptoms as the previous 8 students. Some cases with severe symptoms must be taken to Bao Lac District Medical Center (Cao Bang) for monitoring and treatment.

Mr. Hoang Van Cuong, Vice Chairman of Bao Lac District People’s Committee, said that the locality has directed the authorities to take food samples for testing; Conduct inspection and recall of related products.

Previously, on September 7, 25 students at Viet Chu Primary School, Thong Nhat commune, Ha Lang district (Cao Bang) also suffered food poisoning after eating candy and drinking soft drinks of unknown origin. Buy it outside the school gate.

After a series of food poisoning cases suspected to be caused by food and drinks of unknown origin, functional forces and local authorities also inspected and recalled related products, propagandizing and advocating for people. Parents and students do not use products of unknown origin.

Kory Hansen

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