Artist Tra My, People’s Artist Thai Bao “Give love” to patients at An Viet Hospital

The Give Love program took place on the day Hanoi welcomed the coldest air since the beginning of the season. But with their singing and sincere emotions, the artists brought warmth to the patients, helping them relieve some of the pain of illness and difficulties in life.
On the afternoon of December 1, after many days of preparation, the program “Giving love” took place for the first time at An Viet Hospital (Truong Chinh, Hanoi). Because the hospital’s campus is not large enough, artist Tra My “designed” a “tailor-made shoe” style. Compact but cozy.

It is a charity program, but with her generosity, artist Tra My has completed 3 roles at once: organizing, performing, and calling for sponsorship. She also received the companionship of many artists, even though the end of the year was extremely busy. Famous artists such as People’s Artist Thai Bao, MC Thao Van along with young singers such as Le Tam, Yen Ngoc, Thanh Huong, Trong Phuc and Sen Viet dance troupe were very excited to perform and interact with special audiences.

The narrow space but the open heart is an emotion that everyone felt when witnessing nearly 2 hours of the program. Because in addition to singing, the artists also interact with the audience and share kind words to comfort patients being treated here.

Artist Tra My said that the reason she chose “Giving love” at the hospital is because she understands the patient’s thoughts and circumstances very well. After 4 years of taking care of her husband’s cancer, she got to know everyone at the hospital, so now when she sees a patient, she sympathizes and understands without asking. At times like that, an affectionate look and a tight hand are enough to soothe and comfort. She brought her son – singer Trong Phuc to perform, partly to help him become experienced on stage, partly to help him learn how to share with the sick. “An artist who knows how to be moved by fate, with suffering and loss, can only sing emotionally,” she told her son from home before going to the show. Trong Phuc chose the extremely meaningful song “Ganh Me” to give to the audience.

“Of course, after listening to the song, it would be even more fun if I had a gift” – a half-joking, half-truth statement by artist Tra My when she first came up with the idea of ​​​​making the show, she tried her best to bring the fullest joy. for sick people. 20 gifts for patients undergoing tumor and thyroid cancer surgery; 20 gifts for elderly patients; 20 gifts for pediatric patients being treated for ear, nose and throat diseases; along with gifts for poor patients… have made the “Giving Love” program meaningful and practical.

People’s Artist Thai Bao used to sing for the soldiers during the fiercest years on the Northern border front, then in peacetime, she continued her mission as an artist to the audience and to the poor in charity programs. Many years have passed, the song “Red Flower Time” with her warm voice still makes the audience fascinated and admired.

At the end of the performance, many voices echoed from below the stage: “Artist Thai Bao sing again”, “Thai Bao sing ‘Round footprints in the sand'”… And she sang the song… “Milk flower”. “. Without the help of music, that powerful voice touches the audience even more than when there is music. “The sound of someone’s singing is stirring/The gentle scent of flowers”… who knows, maybe this will become a memory that will last forever with today’s patient, like the story of the soldier who traveled more than 30 km to hear her sing. Still emotional when talking about…

Responding to the audience’s enthusiasm, the female artist tearfully shared: “I hope you all always maintain your health and always have faith to overcome illness. And just believe that tomorrow the sun will return.” Good morning, brothers and sisters, children!”.

To have this program, An Viet Hospital had to stop medical examination and treatment schedules during the day to reserve space and mobilize staff to help organize the program with artist Tra My. However, the happiest person is probably Associate Professor, Dr. Nguyen Thi Hoai An – Director of An Viet Hospital. “More than being happy, I was truly touched by the sincerity of the artists. They not only bring songs and songs to patients and doctors, but also inspire and spread love. The program is also a The response and gratitude is like a small gift both materially and spiritually that the hospital, artists, and sponsors want to send to patients being examined and treated at An Viet Hospital. Although the gift is small, it is the most sincere love we send to everyone,” Associate Professor, Dr. Nguyen Thi Hoai An said.

In the wish of artist Tra My, An Viet Hospital, more love will be given, periodically every 2-3 months. Because each individual who participates will spread more and more seeds of goodness to everyone.

Adolph Wilkinson

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